To make the operation of a smart factory smoother and more instinctual, Pioneer Machinery has developed several prefab models such as HUD-Task Queue,

interactive whiteboard and HUD SCADA. The time required to import these models is very short and the benefits they provide are countless. 

For instance, convenience of scheduling tasks, optimization of the working environment, grasping at a glance an overview of the whole factory, just to name a few. 

These types of models might not bring a direct benefit in terms of cost saving or production capacity but they undoubtedly bring improvements to the entire workflow, 

making a smart factory more efficient and smoother.

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Interactive whiteboard


hud - task queue

Wage increases and lack of experienced workforce is a global tendency which creates issues to many companies in the Wire & Cable industry.
Aiming to tackle some of these issues, Pioneer presents the HUD-Task Queue model with the objective of increasing per capita production of workers, improving working conditions and achieving a centralized management.  

Refer to timetable

HUD Task Queue sequentially lists down the to-do tasks for the entire factory in a "time-table" like format; time, target machine, responsible person, order id, alarm and so on.

Centralized management of information

With an interface that can monitor the progress of every single task, decision makers are able to have a comprehensive overview of the production situation with ease and make the right decisions accordingly.

Improvement of the working environment 

Operators patrolling around the production area all the time waiting for the next event to happen is not needed anymore. Thanks to the HUD Task Queue they can stay in the war room monitoring the status of each production line through the screens in a more comprehensive and efficient manner.

More flexible manpower

Thanks to the HUD Task Queue the number of workers needed to manage the production lines decreases considerably.
Taking as an example a production field with eight production lines, it would require eight operators as a rule. All these tasks could be easily handled by a total of This number of operators could be easily brought down to three by making use of our HUD Task Queue. 



efficiency increase

30% efficiency increase by accurately recording time of task


workforce decrease

40% workforce decrease for managing the production lines.


information transfer

Immediate information transfer in real time.


scheduling and planning

Flexible scheduling and planning by overviewing the to-do list.

pioneer machinery

Interactive whiteboard

Interactive interface

With 3D map technology we bring the entire reality of the factory into the meeting room.


Teleconferences from interactive whiteboards allow calling a real-time strategy meeting at any time.

Interacting and control

Interactive whiteboards allow people to monitor and control the data from the SmartFA. Any adjustments made on the interactive whiteboard will be subsequently adjusted on the production lines in real time.

Online analysis systems

Cooperating with the online analytical systems, data selected could be transferred into a chart-like visualized form assisting in understanding the trend of the data.


As a kanban system monitoring information of production lines, HUD SCADA is not restricted in the HMI. By connection to the cloud, HUD SCADA could be set up any place needed, letting the relators be able to know first-hand information.

Monitor production information

HUD SCADA shows a wide range of production parameters such as line speed, temperature, cable diameter, etc. In addition, it also shows the status of the production lines by displaying red or yellow messages in the event of a warning or alarm.

Short import time & without location restrictions

With the prefab models, HUD SCADA can be implemented in a very short time anywhere in the factory. With HUD SCADA set up on the side of the aisle, the operators don’t need to patrol the production line.

Customized interface

HUD SCADA allows customers to decide their own interface by allowing them to customize the information blocks shown on the screen to best suit their working habits and needs. 

More flexible manpower planning

Making use of the HUD SCADA helps decrease the operators needed to manage the production lines, making distribution of the workforce more flexible.

Samples of HUD SCADA

Below we show sample locations where some customers have decided to set up their HUD SCADA.

  • Asile in the plant: By setting up HUD SCADA on the side of the aisle, the operator can understand the situation of several production lines at a glance. They don’t need to walk through lines to check the status of each machine.
  • War room: With a HUD SCADA in the war room, the operators are able to remotely monitor the production lines instead of patrolling around them.
  • Office: HUD SCADA is one of the methods that managers and decision makers are able to perform remote monitoring. To decrease the occurrence of error and increase efficiency, information from HUD SCADA can be a valuable reference. 

efficiency increase

Related applications

predictive maintiance

This application service module is not only able to monitor and evaluate machine healthy status during production but also to estimate potential risk of failure in future (predictive failure analysis).

Pioneer scada & Report system

Pioneer SCADA system is the brain behind Pioneer SmartFA. 

Acting as the core system of industrial control.

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