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Pioneer Machinery’s Smart Manufacturing

Pioneer SmartFA provides services for smart manufacturing, smart analysis and smart quality control. Aiming to reach the best quality/cost ratio in cable extrusion processes, Pioneer Machinery introduces SPC quality control and smart analysis in order to help customers achieve optimal efficiency in their extrusion lines at all times.
Pioneer machinery

Problems faced in the Wire & Cable industry

Traditionally, in order to reach certain quality requirements of the cable while avoiding some potential problems during production, some operators might be tempted to slightly increase the applied insulation thickness which inevitably increases the production cost
Not only the production cost is inevitably increased but also we get a heavier and less flexible final product which ultimately turns into a worse degree of satisfaction among end users. 

Accurately quantifying in extrusion

                                     - Pioneer Loss in weight system

To solve the above explained problem, Pioneer Machinery offers a solution based on a loss-in-weight system with which operators are able to control in real time the optimal material output.

At the same time, the data of the extrusion lines would be uploaded to the Pioneer SmartFA, where the SPC quality control system will automatically calculate the quality control parameters(Cp, Ck, Cpk) and generate the SPC report.

With SPC reports and quality control parameters, decision makers and engineers are able to better understand the information of the production lines and improve the production process.

Furthermore, combining the statistical results from our analysis system with other elements of the extrusion lines such as instrumentation, quality control, etc, you can easily find the right settings for your extrusion line, thus achieving optimal quality/cost ratio for the final product. 

Pioneer machinery


Pioneer machinery

SPC quality control

On extrusion processes, the characteristics of the extrusion compound and the thickness of the applied insulation layer has a deep impact on the overall production cost. Pioneer's SPC system combined with a loss-in-weight system is able to define the optimal amount of material output as well as to calculate several quality parameters such as Cp, Ck, or Cpk. The SPC system can also help you detect issues on the cable surface which commonly result in non-round or irregular shape. Additionally it is also a useful tool to properly monitor extrusion on sector shaped conductors.





High frequency sampling

During production processes, the accuracy of the machines can be easily affected by several types of environmental factors which from time to time can result in final products with certain deviations in terms of quality. Through a high frequency sampling, the system is capable of calculating the standard deviation and confidence interval for each selected time gap.

Pioneer machinery

Smart analysis system

Facing the problem of an aging workforce and difficulties in experience inheritance, Pioneer Machinery provides a Smart analysis system for our customers consisting of several online quality control instruments and feedback systems which are able to simulate the parameters adjustment methods of experienced operators. Therefore, the Smart analysis system allows the production lines to realize m2m type parameters adjustment with the calculation result of Ck. 

Parameters adjustment 

& quality ensurement

The Smart analysis system initiatively adjusts parameters and production algorithms based on the results from the SPC system, thus keeping the quality level under regardless of the production speeds.

Reducing the materials cost 

Thanks to the above described ways of adjusting the production parameters, Smart analysis systems can guarantee that quality standards are met while at the same time keeping the cost and efficiency in a perfect balance.

Pioneer machinery

Benefits of SPC quality control & Smart analysis system

Reducing the time 


30-60 minutes ➟1-3 minutes

Immediate SPC information

Hard to monitor for operators on site

➟ monitoring in real time.

Reducing the cable defective rate


➟1 - 5% approx.



➟ 1- 3.5% approx.

related applications

Pioneer energy system

Pioneer Machinery has developed an energy system model for its SmartFa platform that allows customers from the Wire & Cable industry to monitor their energy consumption. 

Pioneer AOI

Over the course of the past 2 years, Pioneer has been developing their own Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system for cable printers and length marking machines. The lack of an AOI system, forces us to visually inspect the outcome of these two machines.

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