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What's an energy system?

The efficiency of the energy consumption is always significant when speaking of manufacturing processes, which deeply affects the overall cost of the process itself.

Pioneer Machinery has developed an energy system model for its SmartFA platform that allows customers from the Wire & Cable industry to monitor their energy consumption. 

pioneer machinery

Estimate benefit


cost from the energy

Using electricity when price is relevant low lets factories decrease the spent on energy consumption.


operators reduced 

Operators can grasp the situation of the production line with a simple glance at the user interface of the energy system


energy saved anually
By detecting the production lines with less efficiency and optimizing the manufacturing process.


efficiency increase

Energy systems increase the production efficiency by letting you take adequate decisions through reliable references.

pioneer machinery


It is known that the price of electricity varies throughout the time. Energy system is capable of recording the spending in segments of the time, which helps decision makers decide the most efficient and economic production strategies in terms of energy spendings.

Related application


Information such as status of running, malfunctioning and standbying among others, 

can be clearly displayed on the OEE system. 

Job management system

To make good use of the resources in an efficient and flexible manner, Pioneer Machinery brings three SmartFA models that help building digital flows for a traditional factory. 

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