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The Future of Cable Stranding
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Cable stranding is a vital process in the cable manufacturing industry, and precision and efficiency are essential for achieving high-quality finished products. Traditional tensioning devices such as pneumatic brakes and belt tensioners had limited performance, but the introduction of non-contact Hysteresis brake systems helped improve the quality and stability of the final product.

In recent years, the use of servo control systems has surpassed all conventional tensioner systems, and Pioneer's R&D team has developed an edge computing processor board to maximize the servo motor's characteristics of high precision and ultra-low delay.

Pic 1. Pioneer edge computing board

The Advantages of Servo Control Systems and Edge Computing

The servo control system's effectiveness has been proven, but when more servo drives are deployed, sampling, calculating, and closed-loop controlling can become a challenge to the CPU of the PLC controller. This can lead to delay and lower resolution, causing tension control precision and stability issues that can affect the final product's quality.

Pioneer's edge computing processor board acquires, processes, and calculates raw data collected from the servo controller at very high precision and frequency, utilizing multiple closed-loop systems for correction and compensation of fullness, acceleration, and inertial variation of the pay-off bobbins.

Pic 2. Pioneer edge computing board deployed on the driver of the servo motor to process the raw data

Concept of Edge Computing

Edge computing is a modern concept that brings computing power closer to the sources of data, rather than sending data from sensors to the central computer. This greatly improves response time and saves bandwidth, as data from a servo-controller is gathered and processed just next to it.

The edge computer can collect and process this data at a much higher frequency and resolution, regardless of the limitation of network or PLC computing power. Decentralized computing is another advantage of edge computing, allowing local devices to have computing power, enabling them to focus on their own and perform more complex tasks. This ensures that devices maintain their highest performance regardless of the growth of the control network, enabling them to handle more workloads without sacrificing performance.

Servo Motor Improved the Stability of the Stranding Machine

The servo control system's faster response time and higher resolution than pneumatic or hysteresis brakes enable it to react immediately to any error. The edge computer measures the linear and rotational speed signals in real-time, calculating and updating the physical parameters to continuously build a virtual model of the bobbin in cyberspace. This modifies the servo system torque demand to compensate for the variations and achieve constant tension.

Graph 1. Tension variation in the stranding manufacturing process. 

Extra Benefits - faster wire breakage detection

Wire breakage is a significant issue that can cause production delays, and the Edge Computing system uses differential calculations to quickly assess the actual payoff condition of each wire feeder. The system determines the occurrence of a wire break in microseconds, significantly reducing the stopping distance between the wire break and the machine stop.


In recent years, cable manufacturers have received much more diversified orders, with some requiring higher structural complexity and others requiring higher quality. Although the process becomes more complex, these cables are worth a higher value. A more precise stranding machine can be an excellent choice for those wanting to escape the price war. The combination of servo control systems and edge computing has significantly improved the accuracy and stability of the tension control of the stranding machine.

With the use of cutting-edge electric technology, Pioneer has successfully applied precision servo technology to produce high-end cables such as extra high voltage cable, cable screening, control cable, composite cable, and copper and aluminum conductor cable. As the cable manufacturing industry continues to evolve, the use of servo control systems and edge computing will become increasingly essential to achieving high-quality, diversified cable products.

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