Join the Smart Factory trend

Nowadays, the trend of industry 4.0 is helping a lot of enterprises to set their goal of turning into a smart factory. Applications of IIOT, big data and artificial intelligence are helping redefine what the factory of the future will look like.

Obstacles faced when upgrading to Smart Factory

In the Wire & Cable industry, the upgrade of the production lines into Smart Factory often creates hesitation due to the following reasons:

Advantages of Smartbox

To implement digital flow, now, companies don’t need to spend a lot of money to replace their existing machines. All they have to do is to integrate Pioneer Smartbox to their equipment as an alternative solution.
Much more affordable

Compared with replacing the entire production line, the installation of the Smartbox is a much more economical and affordable solution.

Easier installation

Even with different brands of the machinery, Smartbox can be installed in a few simple steps, taking less time than setting up a brand new IIOT type machine.

Achieve immediate results to your machines

Smartbox has been researched and developed independently by Pioneer machinery. Our goal is to provide customers with a more economical and reliable service. Moreover, the implementation of the smartbox is perfectly compatible with a future upgrade or joint development.

Unified operating system

Operation of the Smartbox interface via touch screens is a very intuitive and friendly experience. Additionally, the usage of the Smartbox can unify the operating system, which decreases the time it takes to familiarize with a new system.

Connecting with SmartFA

Machines installed with the Smartbox are no different than a IIOT type machine as both of them can communicate with the SmartFA smoothly.

Before & After


Job Management

To make good use of the resources in an efficient and flexible manner, Pioneer Machinery brings three SmartFA models that help building digital flows for a traditional factory. 

Pioneer OEE SYStem

Information such as status of running, malfunctioning and standbying among others,
can be clearly displayed on the OEE system. 

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