Add ADDITIONAL value to your cable - Silicone oil spraying Units (SSU)

Silicone oil spraying introduction

With the goal of finding a permanent solution to a recurring problem in cable factories, Pioneer Machinery brings you the silicone oil spraying unit (SSU) as a perfect substitution of talcum powder machine. This sprayer unit is used on extrusion lines in order to prevent the outer sheath from sticking with the inner insulation layer.


The problems of using talcum powder are not few and they are widely known by cable manufacturers.



Talcum powder tends to easily spill out of the chamber at any time while functioning, which not only makes the surrounding area far from clean but also pollutes the air quality, thus increasing the risk of a possible respiratory disease if exposed for long periods of time.



Another common problem is caused by the accurate control of the applied amount of powder which ultimately results in an uneven distribution of the talcum powder onto the cable.

If the amount of powder is less than required, some conductors might stick together. On the other hand, if the amount of powder is too much, this extra powder could accumulate into the entrance of the crosshead thus causing further difficulties.



To deal with the problems from the traditional talcum powder machine, some factories bring in the electrostatic talcum powder machine, which applies talcum powder directly onto the cable surface, preventing the dirtiness of the nearby area. Besides, powder can also distribute evenly with precise control.

Talcum powder easily gets damp and cakes in a moisture environment. That causes nozzles of the electrostatic talcum powder machines turning into malfunction quite often.

Silicone oil spraying UNit at a glance

▋Spraying chamber
This is the stainless steel chamber where the spraying takes place and it can easily be adjusted in height. The spraying nozzles inside the chamber can also be adjusted in angle and volume flow.
▋HMI (Human machine interface)
Thanks to the HMI, the operator can choose different spraying modes and manually enter the desired parameters. The machine can also work in synchronization with the line speed allowing an even distribution. Additionally, in case of emergency, the HMI will trigger the corresponding alarm and instruct the operator with a troubleshooting guide.
▋platform support
The SSU is installed onto a movable platform with wheels, which greatly enhances the mobility of the SSU, thus allowing our customers to flexibly use this unit in different production lines
▋Recycle system
To reduce the amount of silicone oil being sprayed into the air, the SSU is equipped with a vacuum pump with HEPA filter which achieves a level of oil drops in suspension below 3%.
Furthermore, rather than dispose of the already used oil, the SSU is equipped with a filter system that helps to recollect and recycle this oil for its reuse.

Specification of the Silicone oil SPRAYING UNits

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ADVANTAGES of Silicone oil spraying unit

Below we list down some of the final product advantages observed when using SSU compared with those made with talcum powder machine:


When peeling the outer sheath, talcum powder will not fall all over the place. Both surrounding areas and hands can stay clean.For those high-tech industries, cables with talcum powder are prohibited from being used in the clean room to prevent contaminating the process.

More Reliable

Silicone oil is much more stable than talcum powder, which is prone to absorb moisture and agglomerate. Stability of the silicone oil prevents uneven distribution and malfunction by nozzle stuck

More Efficient

Because SSU is able to control the spraying amount precisely thanks to the nozzle adjustment and HMI control, quality and cost can reach a balance to pursue the greatest profit.

More sustainable

Eliminating dependence on the talc mining industry and the oil recycling system allows us to reduce our footprint on the environment.

SSU connecting with SmartFa

Nowadays, the trend of industry 4.0 makes tons of enterprises set their goal to turn into a smart factory. Applications of IIOT, big data, and artificial intelligence redefine what a factory will look like. Compared with unquantifiable talcum powder, the SSU is capable of monitoring the usage of the oil. That helps in controlling the product quality and increasing the stability of the process. Besides, by connecting silicone oil with Smart Factory Platform, people can build a database from collected manufacturing data, which could be applied on next time production or reference on processes optimization. Moreover, we can find the optimal parameters by analyzing the data with machine learning and artificial intelligence, improving the manufacturing process in a more digital and scientific way.

The SSU may just be a small piece in the complex makeup of an extrusion line, but at Pioneer we believe that it is also a representation of adapting to these changing times and advancing towards a more sustainable, efficient and profitable production process.

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