Pioneer machinery

State-of-art inspection equipment for the wire & cable printers

An AOI system can break the restriction of the human eye and save spending from various aspects.

There are 3 main advantages that an AOI printer might be more suitable for you. Let's check them out:

Problem-solving for nowadays's inspection methods

The AOI cable printer not only decreases time and material waste caused by the finished product visual inspection but also eliminates the sore-eye problem from using a stroboscope. Operators can inspect the prints directly via the HMI screen instead of adjusting their postures following the position of the printings.

Carrying out a continuous and fluent inspection process

The AOI system is like a quality-checking assistant next to the printer. It keeps checking the quality of the printing during the entire printing process. Based on image processing algorism, the system can tell whether the text or logo printed reaches the standard. Once a flaw is detected, the system will notify the associates dealing with the problems to minimize the waste.

Building digital flow

Since the AOI cable printer is an IoT-type machine, it can connect to applications such as Smart Factory System, SCADA...etc. In this case, Real-time-production and flaws-detected parameters can be presented on the smart factory platform and realize distance monitoring.